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What is SUQA project – How to mine SUQA coin

SUQA is a new digital currency that has a new X22i POW algo. X22i algo is not a copy or clone of any old one but it is completely ASIC, FPGA and Quantum Resistant.

SUQA project also have a newest feature that u can 5% apr interest from term deposits even if the wallet is offline.

SUQA coin is fast (533 Transactions per second) and almost No Transaction Fees. This makes it unique comparing with other projects.

SUQA project aims to create the hub with SUQA payments and without taking any fees.

SUQA has a unique time-lock interest system for every user to earn deposits from their wallets without technical knowledge.

Since SUQA project is a new, unique ASIC, FPGA, Quantum resistant algorithm is very helpful for the mining community and solves numerous problems for miners. For example if you have a one GPU or only one rig you will be able to mine to the last block of SUQA without comparing any ASIC or FPGA device because SUQA will renew the algo every 6 months.

In real life SUQA will support the its community by foundation activities like mining, donations, bounty campaigns. ect.
SUQA coin can be mined by GPUs (Nvidia and AMD) and CPUs. But it is only possible to mine it profitable by GPUs. SUQA unique X22i algo is also energy efficient and make your GPUs to less heat.

SUQA Coin Technical Specifications

Coin name: SUQA
Ticker : SUQA
Algorithm : X22i
Coin Type: POW
Max. supply: 1,078,740,313+10%dev fee
Block Time: 2 minutes
Max Block Size: 16mb
Max tx/s: 533 tx/s
Difficulty Retarget Algo: DarkGravityV3
RPC port: 20971
P2P port: 20970
Ico: No
Pre-Mine: No
Masternode: No
Pre-Sale: No
Dev-Fee: 10%
Genesis: 26 September, 2018

How To Mine SUQA coin

To mine SUQA coin 1) you need to find a miner software based on the GPU you have. 2) Download wallet and get a SUQA wallet address. 3) And then select a good pool.

Suqa Coin Algo: X22i

– AMD:

ccminer x22i win64 binary release



Example for trex miner .bat code:
t-rex.exe -a x22i -o stratum+tcp://suqa-pool.beepool.org:9504 -u YourSUQAWallet.WorkerName -p c=SUQA -R 3

SUQA coin hashrate, SUQA coin mining performance

Nvidia GTX 1070 – 6.4MH/s (Gigabyte GTX 1070 OC )
– Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti – 7.5 Mh/s (Gigabyte GTX 1070Ti OC )
– Nvidia GTX 1080Ti – 11.5 Mh/s (MSI GTX 1080Ti)

– AMD RX580 – 3.2 Mh/s (Sapphire RX 580)

SUQA coin Mining Profitability

Mining SUQA coin you will get this: SUQA price is now ~$0.012 (180 satoshi)

– 120 SUQA / GTX 1080Ti daily
– 75 SUQA / GTX 1070 Ti daily
– 65 SUQA / 7x GTX 1070 daily

SUQA coin Mining Pools:

SUQA coin Difficulty: 8824.28235 @ block 22 179

SUQA coin block reward: 5000

SUQA coin Exchange Markets:
Suqa coin is now on 3 good exchanges.
1. Escodex

2. Stex


And Crypto-Bridge is on the way

SUQA Official Web Page:  https://suqa.org/

ANN Page:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5038269.0

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/KHrlAUd3hwzgV6dS8qMu4A

By Saphire.

Merit coin mining guide – How to mine Merit MRT

Merit coin mining guide – How to mine Merit MRT

Merit coin Official Web Page: https://www.merit.me/

Merit coin Mining Pool:

  • https://pool.merit.me/help/gettingstarted/

Merit coin Exchange Market: https://market.merit.me

Merit coin Miners:

https://merit.me/uploads/2018/desktop/merit-minerd-0.4.exe (Nvidia only)

Merit coin Algo: cuckoo cycle

Merit coin Difficulty: 25,000 (block 283534)

Merit Wallet:

There 2 kind of wallets for Merit; Web Wallet and Desktop wallet.

– For Web wallet: https://wallet.merit.me

– Desktop Wallet: https://www.merit.me/get-started/#get-merit-desktop

You can import your web wallet to desktop wallet as well.

First you need an invite to get involved. You can use my user for invite i can approve it soon. It is “saphire”.

When it says invite code u can write there “saphire” and i will accept your invite.

Then enter your own username then wallet will generate a pass phrase, note it and save it.

After this step you are in your wallet.

Now how to mine Merit coin?

Download Merit miner for nvidia


and make your .bat file.

Merit coin .bat file example:

merit-minerd-0.4.exe –url stratum+tcp://pool.merit.me:3333 –address MEHw4nc49Wqjd8bqECAiEoZT2R9umxTusc –gpu 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 –cores 0

You can check your workers status by finding your username here:



Merit coin hashrate, Merit coin mining performance

GTX 1080 Ti – 0.32 cycles / s
GTX 1080 – 0.27 cycles / s
GTX 1070 Ti – 0.25 cycles / s
GTX 1070 – 0.24 cycles / s
GTX 1060 – 0.18 cycles / s


Merit coin Mining Profitability

Merit coin does not have an exchange market now but people selling their coins on Discord channel using escrow. Merit coin price is today 15K-20K satoshi (0,00020 BTC – $1.25)

You can use Merit coin calculator to see your profit here:

– 33.671 MRT / day / 7x GTX 1080Ti mining Rig by daily
– 30.42 MRT / day / 7x GTX 1080 mining Rig by daily
– 28.307 MRT / day / 7x GTX 1070 Rig by daily

What is MANO project – How to mine MANO coin

What is MANO project – How to mine MANO coin

MANO is a coin that you can mine by GPU and also a Masternode Foundation that investors will be able to click and launch a full their masternodes on the platform. Especially the investors who dont have a time to learn linux commands to setup a MN by using VPS servers.

MANO Masternode Foundation has cheap one-click masternode hosting service provides investors to an easy click-work masternode service. MANO also has Shared Masternode feature that any investors who have any amount coin can join this service with only 2% fee. By Shared Masternode service featuring real time balance info, re-investments and share withdrawals.

MANO project also planning to serve Masternode Exclusive Exchange and Node Monitor Companion Mobile App. By the Masternode Exclusive Exchange investors will be able to receive their rewards directly and trade them automatically not using any third party exchange web site. This is a revolution for Masternode hosting service.

MANO Technical Specifications


  • Symbol: MANO
  • Address Initial: M
  • Block Reward: 10 MANO
  • Masternode Collateral:  1000 MANO
  • Block Reward: 5/5 ( 50% Miner / 50% Masternode )
  • PoW Algorithm: Lyra2z
  • Block time: 120 seconds
  • Diff Retargeting: DGWv3
  • Halving: 12 months
  • P2P Port: 5982
  • RPC Port: 5983
  • Max Supply: 12,614,400 MANO
  • Premine: 3%


How To Mine MANO coin

MANO coin Exchange Market: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.MANO_BRIDGE.BTC

MANO coin Miners: ccminer (Nvidia), Sgminer (AMD)

MANO coin Algo: Lyra2z

MANO coin Difficulty: 1.794 k @ block 19 296

Block Reward: 5 MANO

To mine MANO 1) you need to find a miner software based on the GPU you have. 2) Download wallet and get a MANO wallet address. 3) And then select a good pool.

MANO coin uses Lyra2z algo. This algorithm is hardware and energy friendly.

For Nvidia users you can mine MANO with ccminer 2.2 or alexis ccminer 2.2.5.

AMD users you can mine it with Sgminer. But i offer you mine with tdxminer/ to get best results. But this miner works only on Linux for now.

MANO wallet: https://manocoin.org/

Download the MANO wallet and wait it to sync. Please always use latest wallets.


While it is getting sync you can take your receiving address clicking on “Receive” tab and then click “Request payment”.

After having a proper miner and getting your MANO address than you need a better pool to get best mining results. I can offer you those pools for this coin:

MANO coin Mining Pools:

  • https://bsod.pw/site/mining
  • https://www.gos.cx/

For ccminer configurate your bat files this way:

ccminer -a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp://stratum.gos.cx:4557 -u MANOAddress.WorkerName -p c=MANO

And now you are ready to mine.

MANO coin hashrate, MANO coin mining performance

GTX 1080 Ti – 3-3.2 Mh/s
GTX 1080 – 2.3-2.5 Mh /s
GTX 1070 Ti – 1.6-1.7 Mh /s
GTX 1070 – 1.5-1.6 Mh /s
GTX 1060 – 1.0-1.1 Mh /s


MANO coin Mining Profitability

Mining MANO coin you will get this: MANO price is now ~$11 and you will get 0.155 coin and that means $1.75 with a GTX 1080 Ti.

– 1.08 MANO / 7x GTX 1080Ti daily
– 0.90 MANO / 7x GTX 1080 daily
– 0.6 MANO / 7x GTX 1070 daily
– 0.4 MANO / 7x GTX 1060 daily

MANO Official Web Page:  https://manocoin.org/

ANN Page:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4328146.0


What is XDNA project – How to mine XDNA coin

What is XDNA project – How to mine XDNA coin

XDNA is a coin that you can mine by GPU and also setup 3 different tiers masternode and get three different masternode rewards. XDNA has Innovative multi-level masternodes concept that each type of masternodes has their own prize pool, so they share the chance of getting the reward only between other Full masternode owners.

XDNA main features:

Advanced feature for dynamic changes of block reward
Innovative multi-level masternodes concept
XDNA Foundation
Non-commercial charity cryptocurrency Foundation

Relying only on the most advanced aspects of the world leading cryptocurrencies, we propose to use masternodes to ensure network stability.
However, given the experience of creating and using masternodes in different projects,
we put the harmony between miners and investors’ wishes and possibilities stands on the first place in XDNA.
To make it possible for everyone to set up a masternode, we have developed three types of them.

XDNA Technical specifications:

How to Mine XDNA Coin:

XDNA coin Exchange Market: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.XDNA_BRIDGE.BTC

XDNA coin Miners: ccminer (Nvidia), Sgminer (AMD)

XDNA coin Algo: keccak

XDNA coin Difficulty: 252.871 k @ block 12 388

Block Reward: 15 XDNA

To mine XDNA you need to find a miner software based on the GPU you have. Download wallet and get a XDNA wallet address. And then select a good pool.

XDNA coin uses keccak algo.

For Nvidia users you can mine XDNA with ccminer/8.21-KlausT or alexis ccminer.

AMD users you can mine it with Sgminer.

XDNA wallet: https://xdna.io/#wallets

Download the XDNA wallet and wait it to sync.

While it is getting sync you can take your receiving address clicking on “Request payments”.

After having a proper miner and getting your XDNA address than you need a better pool to get best mining results. I can offer you those pools for this coin:

XDNA coin Mining Pools:

  • https://bsod.pw/site/mining
  • https://xdna.suprnova.cc/
  • https://protopool.net/

For ccminer configurate your bat files this way:

ccminer -a keccak -o stratum+tcp://pool:port -u XDNAAddress -p c=XDNA

And now you are ready to mine.


XDNA coin hashrate, XDNA coin mining performance

GTX 1080 Ti – 1250-1300 Mh/s
GTX 1080 – 850-900 Mh /s
GTX 1070 Ti – 700-750 Mh /s
GTX 1070 – 630-650 Mh /s
GTX 1060 – 400-450 Mh /s


XDNA coin Mining Profitability

Mining XDNA coin you will get this: XDNA price is now ~$1 and you will get $2.4 with a GTX 1080 Ti.

– 17 XDNA / 7x GTX 1080Ti daily
– 14 XDNA / 7x GTX 1080 daily
– 8 XDNA / 7x GTX 1070 daily
– 5 XDNA / 7x GTX 1060 daily

XDNA Official Web Page: https://xdna.io/

ANN Page: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4517612.0
Bounty Campaign: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4518128.0

Be careful about scam MN coins

Be careful about scam MN coins

In these days there are so many scam MN coins that annonse their project and sell some premined coins for Master Nodes and then they disappears. Before you buy new coins you should look at the project, team and if there exist roadmap.

It is so clear that if one coin is a scam coin they first try to sell their premined coins and open a discord channel than they make auction on that channel. There is no exchange, no roadmap and only premined coins to sell.

Generally the scammer coins use C11 or Skein algo for this.

For example there was a EDGY coin that they sold so many premined coins and also people mined that scam coin but one day they closed their Discord channel, website and ANN topic and disappered.

There are some new coins that could be spam. Some of them are listed below. Be careful investing them !

EDGY coin : scam. ANN Page erased. Discord channel closed. Web page closed.
VIZZOTOP (VIZZ) coin : probably spam. No Block Explorer, No Exchange, bad roadmap.
ULTIMA (ULT) coin: high possibility scam. Very Bad MN guide. People getting scammed in their discord channel.


Mktcoin (MLM) mining guide – How to mine Mktcoin (MLM)

Mktcoin (MLM) mining guide – How to mine Mktcoin (MLM)

Mktcoin (MLM) Official Web Page: http://mktcoin.org/

Mktcoin (MLM) coin Mining Pool:

  • http://bsod.pw/

Mktcoin Exchange Market: https://www.southxchange.com/Market/Book/MLM/BTC

Mktcoin (MLM) coin Miners: ccminer (Nvidia), sgminer (AMD)

Mktcoin coin Algo: x17

Mktcoin Difficulty: 17.887 k (block 254 500)

Block Reward: 2500 MLM

Mktcoin (MLM) Wallet: https://office.mktcoin.org/register/

How to mine Mktcoin (MLM) ?

1. Register Mktcoin (MLM) to have an wallet addresse

Mktcoin (MLM) coin does not have a Windows wallet. You have to register the official site to have Mktcoin wallet addresse. And for the registiration you need a invide code. You can use the this link to free registration.

When registration complited you got a Mktcoin (MLM) coin wallet addresse.


Now you have a Mktcoin (MLM) wallet addresse to mine. And we need a miner now.

2. Download Mktcoin (MLM) coin miner

Mktcoin (MLM) hashrate, Mktcoin (MLM) coin mining performance

GTX 1080 Ti – 18 Mh/s
GTX 1080 – 14 Mh /s
GTX 1070 Ti – 12 Mh /s
GTX 1070 – 10 Mh /s
GTX 1060 – 6 Mh /s

AMD RX 580: 5 Mh/s

Mktcoin (MLM) coin Mining Profitability

– 55 MLM  / GTX 1080Ti daily
– 48 MLM / GTX 1080 daily
– 41 MLM / GTX 1070Ti daily
– 37 MLM / GTX 1070 daily
– 26 MLM / GTX 1060 daily

– 21 MLM / RX 580 daily

Mktcoin (MLM) coin mining overclock settings

For Nvidia:
– Tdp: 80
– Core Clock: +100
– Memory Clock: +300


How to transfer Mktcoin (MLM) to Exchange Market?

When the pool sends your coins to your wallet (you can see that on the pool’s Tatal Paid section)

than go to https://office.mktcoin.org/financial/extract (Finacial > Finacial Extract > Update With External Balance)
And then go to Dashboard. You will see your coins there as Hash.

Now you can send your coint to an Exchange. Go to Finacial > Balance Transfer



You will there Verify the data carefully before proceed. For instance we want to sent 10 MLM to our Exchage wallet. Select the options like below and click Verify.

And you will see Token and Request. When you click Token a mail will send to your mail addresse including 6 digits numbers token number. Copy that number and paste the Token option. And enter your password in the password blank. Now click Request.

Now it says Successfully. And you will see a Transaction in your balance screen. By clicking TxID you can foolow up yout Transaction.

Raven coin mining guide – How to mine Raven RVN

Raven coin mining guide – How to mine Raven RVN

Ravencoin Official Web Page: https://ravencoin.org/

Raven coin Mining Pool:

  • https://rvn.suprnova.cc/
  • https://ravenminer.com/

Raven coin Exchange Market: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.RVN_BRIDGE.BTC

Raven coin Miners: ccminer (Nvidia), Sgminer (AMD)

Raven coin Algo: X16R

Raven coin Difficulty: 25,673 (block 163 030)

Block Reward: 5000 RVN

Raven Wallet: https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/tree/master/binaries/release

How to mine Raven coin ?

1. Download Raven coin miner
– For Nvidia Card download raven ccminer from

– For AMD : AMD miner for Raven Coin


2. Download Raven coin Wallet for payment address and get your address.


3. Make your own .bat file in your miner to mine Raven coin

Raven coin batch file:
ccminer -a x16r-o stratum+tcp://ravenminer.com:3336 -u RY6sEabAx6xMErYAyCTQsDiPxjsX9tnzS6 -p c=RVN,Rig1

For ravenminer pool edit like this;

ccminer -a x16r-o stratum+tcp://ravenminer.com:3336 -u RY6sEabAx6xMErYAyCTQsDiPxjsX9tnzS6 -p c=RVN,Rig1

save your batch file and begin mining Raven coin.

Raven coin hashrate, Raven coin mining performance

GTX 1080 Ti – 15-20 Mh/s
GTX 1080 – 12-13 Mh /s
GTX 1070 Ti – 8-9 Mh /s
GTX 1070 – 7-8 Mh /s
GTX 1060 – 4-5 Mh /s

Raven coin Mining Profitability

Raven coin does not have an exchange market now but people selling their coins on Discord channel using escrow. Raven coin price is today 250-300 satoshi (0,000003 BTC – $0.03)

– 400 Raven / 7x GTX 1080Ti daily

– 330 Raven / 7x GTX 1080 daily
– 220 Raven / 7x GTX 1070 daily
– 170 Raven  7x GTX 1060 daily

Raven coin mining overclock settings

Raven coin algo is a new one and it mixed 16 different algoes and is needed much power instandly but not always. So if your PSU is weak than you will need power limit for your rig. You can do it by adding power limit to your batch file and decrasing your Afterburner power limit.

For Nvidia:
– Tdp: 80
– Core Clock: 0
– Memory Clock: 0


How to Mine Luxcoin LUX $12-Day-GTX1080Ti

How to Mine Luxcoin LUX $12-Day-GTX1080Ti

Luxcoin Official Web Page: https://luxcore.io/

LUX coin Mining Pool:

  • https://altminer.net
  • http://bsod.pw

LUX coin Exchange Market: http://cryptopia.co.nz/

LUX coin Miners: ccminer (Nvidia), sgminer (AMD)

LUX coin Algo: phi1612

LUX Wallet: https://github.com/216k155/lux/releases

How to mine Lux coin ?

1. Download Lux coin miner
For Nvidia Card download ccminer from

For AMD card download sgminer-phi


2. Download LUX coin Wallet for payment address and get your address.

3. Make your own .bat file in your miner to mine Lux coin

For Altminer pool edit like this;

ccminer.exe -o stratum+tcp://eu1.altminer.net:6667 -u YourLuxWalletAddress -p c=LUX

save your batch file and begin mining Lux coin.

Lux coin hashrate, Lux coin mining performance

GTX 1080 Ti – 35 Mh/s
GTX 1080 – 26 Mh /s
GTX 1070 Ti – 22 Mh /s
GTX 1070 – 20 Mh /s

Lux coin Mining Profitability

– 3 LUX / $84 / 7x GTX 1080Ti
– 1.7 LUX / $48 / 7x GTX 1070

Lux coin mining overclock settings

For Nvidia:
– Tdp: 100
– Core Clock: +50
– Memory Clock: 0


Straks (STAK) coin mining

Straks (STAK) coin mining

Official Web Page: https://www.straks.io/

Stak Mining Pool:

  • https://stak.suprnova.cc
  • https://datapaw.net

Straks Exchange Market: coinsmarkets.com

STAK Miners: ccminer (Nvidia), sgminer (AMD)

Straks Algo: lyra2rev2

Straks Wallet: https://github.com/straks/straks/releases

How to mine Straks – STAK:

  1. First download the miner.
    For Nvidia ccminer v2.2-mod-r2For AMD GPU Cards Sgminer
  2. Dowload Straks Wallet and synchronize. Then get a new Stak address.
  3. Visit https://datapaw.net pool address to see the pool address and port.
    In your .bat file edit your own .bat file and save it.
    -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp://pool.datapaw.net:4533 -u <Wallet Address> -p c=STAK,<OptionalRigName>

    Straks Mining Profitability

    Today (18.01.18) STAK mining gives
    – 10 STAK / $70 / 7x GTX 1080Ti
    – 7 STAK / $50 / 7x GTX 1070

    Straks Mining Performance

    GTX 1080 Ti  – 70 Mh/s
    GTX 1080  – 50 Mh/s
    GTX 1070 – 36 Mh/s


Ethereum GPU Mining

Ethereum GPU Mining

It is new trend nowadays that everyone want to be a Miner and get money easy way. There are two methods for mining; first one is GPU/CPU Mining and second ASICS Mining. I will tell you GPU mining in this article.

You could mine with any PCs or Laptops but it’s not recomanded as they are not tweaked for Hashing Power/$ (power usage cost) plus, there is the heating problem for the in-case airflow !

Before you begin Mining you have to setup a rig and find an efficient coin to mine and make money.

Ethereum Mining RIG

First setup a Mining Rig:

  • The basic concept of a mining rig is to have an open case where you could mount your video cards, motherboard, PSU and a storage device/SSD.
  • The idea is to use all video cards on PCI-E risers to align the videocards at the top and to keep a distance from one to another so that each card stays relatively cooled for the time performing.
  • As power supplying one powerful PSU or two medium sized could be used (but you might need some extra adapters)
  • Storage is needed for holding the OS so anything could be used (from HDDs, SSDs to usb flash-drives) BUT you want to minimize your power consumption to achieve more profit right ? So you should go with the cheapest SSD on sata 3 interface you can find on the market.For Efficient GPU mining you have to find the best Grafic Card for mining. This thing is determined by tha garaphic card Hasrate and power consumption. I will give you The hash rates of the graphic cards for some Coins that are proper for GPU mining.
  • Nvidia Graphic Cards Hashrates (Ethereum Mining)
    – GTX 1050 Ti: 12 – 13 Mh/s
    – GTX 1060 : 20 – 24 Mh/s
    – GTX 1070: 27 – 29 Mh/s
    – GTX 1080: 23 – 24 Mh/s (Not efficient for mining)
    – GTX 1080 Ti : 33 – 36 Mh/s
  • AMD Graphic Cards Hashrates (Ethereum Mining)
    – R9 380X: 19 – 21 mh/s
    – R9 390: 30 – 31 mh/s
    – RX 470 : 24 – 25 Mh/s
    – RX 480 : 26 – 29 Mh/s
    – RX 560 : 11 – 14 Mh/s
    – RX 570 : 24 – 25 Mh/s
    – RX 580 : 25 – 28 Mh/sNot: As of difficulty increases, older video cards from R7 and R9 series are having lower hashrate then the above specified, so far the best hash rate/power consumption would be the RX 4xx series !

 Second find an efficient coin: How to mine ethereum

There are efficient several coins for GPU mining in coin market. But you have to choose wich one is more efficient for your Rig. For exapmple Zcash is more efficient for Nvidia Cards. AMD RX series and Nvidia GTX 1000 Series are efficient for Thereum Mining.

Ethereum Mining

And last thing you have to find a good program for mining. I adwise you to mine wiht Claymore mining program.
You can download it here and setup it the instruction below:
1. You downloded Claymore’s Miner and open it zip file.
2. Open “start” file as .txt and change the wallet address (you can get the address on Poloniex or Bittrex Exchange) and determine a pool address (you can win more on pool)

For Example
EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool us1.ethpool.org:3333 -ewal YOUR ADDRESS -epsw x
3. start mining.
4. follow up your mining performance on pool address. (ethpool.org, ethermine.org which one you white down as pool)