Be careful about scam MN coins

Tarafından   30 Mart 2018

Be careful about scam MN coins

In these days there are so many scam MN coins that annonse their project and sell some premined coins for Master Nodes and then they disappears. Before you buy new coins you should look at the project, team and if there exist roadmap.

It is so clear that if one coin is a scam coin they first try to sell their premined coins and open a discord channel than they make auction on that channel. There is no exchange, no roadmap and only premined coins to sell.

Generally the scammer coins use C11 or Skein algo for this.

For example there was a EDGY coin that they sold so many premined coins and also people mined that scam coin but one day they closed their Discord channel, website and ANN topic and disappered.

There are some new coins that could be spam. Some of them are listed below. Be careful investing them !

EDGY coin : scam. ANN Page erased. Discord channel closed. Web page closed.
VIZZOTOP (VIZZ) coin : probably spam. No Block Explorer, No Exchange, bad roadmap.
ULTIMA (ULT) coin: high possibility scam. Very Bad MN guide. People getting scammed in their discord channel.