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Raven coin mining guide – How to mine Raven RVN

Raven coin mining guide – How to mine Raven RVN Ravencoin Official Web Page: https://ravencoin.org/ Raven coin Mining Pool: http://pool.threeeyed.info/ https://rvn.suprnova.cc/ Raven coin Exchange Market: not exist yet Raven coin Miners: ccminer (Nvidia), sgminer (AMD) Raven coin Algo: X16R Raven coin Difficulty: 1.392 k (block 84900) Raven Wallet: https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/tree/master/binaries/release How to mine Raven coin ?… Okumaya devam edin »

How to Mine Luxcoin LUX $12-Day-GTX1080Ti

How to Mine Luxcoin LUX $12-Day-GTX1080Ti

How to Mine Luxcoin LUX $12-Day-GTX1080Ti Luxcoin Official Web Page: https://luxcore.io/ LUX coin Mining Pool: https://altminer.net http://bsod.pw LUX coin Exchange Market: http://cryptopia.co.nz/ LUX coin Miners: ccminer (Nvidia), sgminer (AMD) LUX coin Algo: phi1612 LUX Wallet: https://github.com/216k155/lux/releases How to mine Lux coin ? 1. Download Lux coin miner For Nvidia Card download ccminer from https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer/releases For… Okumaya devam edin »

Straks (STAK) coin mining

Straks (STAK) coin mining Official Web Page: https://www.straks.io/ Stak Mining Pool: https://stak.suprnova.cc https://datapaw.net Straks Exchange Market: coinsmarkets.com STAK Miners: ccminer (Nvidia), sgminer (AMD) Straks Algo: lyra2rev2 Straks Wallet: https://github.com/straks/straks/releases How to mine Straks – STAK: First download the miner. For Nvidia ccminer v2.2-mod-r2For AMD GPU Cards Sgminer Dowload Straks Wallet and synchronize. Then get a… Okumaya devam edin »

Ethereum GPU Mining

Ethereum GPU Mining It is new trend nowadays that everyone want to be a Miner and get money easy way. There are two methods for mining; first one is GPU/CPU Mining and second ASICS Mining. I will tell you GPU mining in this article. You could mine with any PCs or Laptops but it’s not… Okumaya devam edin »