Ethereum GPU Mining

Tarafından   14 Ocak 2018

Ethereum GPU Mining

It is new trend nowadays that everyone want to be a Miner and get money easy way. There are two methods for mining; first one is GPU/CPU Mining and second ASICS Mining. I will tell you GPU mining in this article.

You could mine with any PCs or Laptops but it’s not recomanded as they are not tweaked for Hashing Power/$ (power usage cost) plus, there is the heating problem for the in-case airflow !

Before you begin Mining you have to setup a rig and find an efficient coin to mine and make money.

Ethereum Mining RIG

First setup a Mining Rig:

  • The basic concept of a mining rig is to have an open case where you could mount your video cards, motherboard, PSU and a storage device/SSD.
  • The idea is to use all video cards on PCI-E risers to align the videocards at the top and to keep a distance from one to another so that each card stays relatively cooled for the time performing.
  • As power supplying one powerful PSU or two medium sized could be used (but you might need some extra adapters)
  • Storage is needed for holding the OS so anything could be used (from HDDs, SSDs to usb flash-drives) BUT you want to minimize your power consumption to achieve more profit right ? So you should go with the cheapest SSD on sata 3 interface you can find on the market.For Efficient GPU mining you have to find the best Grafic Card for mining. This thing is determined by tha garaphic card Hasrate and power consumption. I will give you The hash rates of the graphic cards for some Coins that are proper for GPU mining.
  • Nvidia Graphic Cards Hashrates (Ethereum Mining)
    – GTX 1050 Ti: 12 – 13 Mh/s
    – GTX 1060 : 20 – 24 Mh/s
    – GTX 1070: 27 – 29 Mh/s
    – GTX 1080: 23 – 24 Mh/s (Not efficient for mining)
    – GTX 1080 Ti : 33 – 36 Mh/s
  • AMD Graphic Cards Hashrates (Ethereum Mining)
    – R9 380X: 19 – 21 mh/s
    – R9 390: 30 – 31 mh/s
    – RX 470 : 24 – 25 Mh/s
    – RX 480 : 26 – 29 Mh/s
    – RX 560 : 11 – 14 Mh/s
    – RX 570 : 24 – 25 Mh/s
    – RX 580 : 25 – 28 Mh/sNot: As of difficulty increases, older video cards from R7 and R9 series are having lower hashrate then the above specified, so far the best hash rate/power consumption would be the RX 4xx series !

 Second find an efficient coin: How to mine ethereum

There are efficient several coins for GPU mining in coin market. But you have to choose wich one is more efficient for your Rig. For exapmple Zcash is more efficient for Nvidia Cards. AMD RX series and Nvidia GTX 1000 Series are efficient for Thereum Mining.

Ethereum Mining

And last thing you have to find a good program for mining. I adwise you to mine wiht Claymore mining program.
You can download it here and setup it the instruction below:
1. You downloded Claymore’s Miner and open it zip file.
2. Open “start” file as .txt and change the wallet address (you can get the address on Poloniex or Bittrex Exchange) and determine a pool address (you can win more on pool)

For Example
EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal YOUR ADDRESS -epsw x
3. start mining.
4. follow up your mining performance on pool address. (, which one you white down as pool)