Merit coin mining guide – How to mine Merit MRT

Tarafından   12 Temmuz 2018

Merit coin mining guide – How to mine Merit MRT

Merit coin Official Web Page:

Merit coin Mining Pool:


Merit coin Exchange Market:

Merit coin Miners: (Nvidia only)

Merit coin Algo: cuckoo cycle

Merit coin Difficulty: 25,000 (block 283534)

Merit Wallet:

There 2 kind of wallets for Merit; Web Wallet and Desktop wallet.

– For Web wallet:

– Desktop Wallet:

You can import your web wallet to desktop wallet as well.

First you need an invite to get involved. You can use my user for invite i can approve it soon. It is “saphire”.

When it says invite code u can write there “saphire” and i will accept your invite.

Then enter your own username then wallet will generate a pass phrase, note it and save it.

After this step you are in your wallet.

Now how to mine Merit coin?

Download Merit miner for nvidia

and make your .bat file.

Merit coin .bat file example:

merit-minerd-0.4.exe –url stratum+tcp:// –address MEHw4nc49Wqjd8bqECAiEoZT2R9umxTusc –gpu 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 –cores 0

You can check your workers status by finding your username here:


Merit coin hashrate, Merit coin mining performance

GTX 1080 Ti – 0.32 cycles / s
GTX 1080 – 0.27 cycles / s
GTX 1070 Ti – 0.25 cycles / s
GTX 1070 – 0.24 cycles / s
GTX 1060 – 0.18 cycles / s


Merit coin Mining Profitability

Merit coin does not have an exchange market now but people selling their coins on Discord channel using escrow. Merit coin price is today 15K-20K satoshi (0,00020 BTC – $1.25)

You can use Merit coin calculator to see your profit here:

– 33.671 MRT / day / 7x GTX 1080Ti mining Rig by daily
– 30.42 MRT / day / 7x GTX 1080 mining Rig by daily
– 28.307 MRT / day / 7x GTX 1070 Rig by daily

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